KC Curiosity Passport -

Paper Birch Landing / New Element Gallery 

The Paper Birch Landing / New Element Gallery box is #13 of 26 boxes in this series.

Thanks for joining the fun of The Curiosity Passport! We hope it inspires play and exploration of the KC area. If you haven't already viewed the wacky, wall-full of mini-mosaics, upcycled from used plastic gift cards, at Pawn & Pint & Buttonwood Art Space, these are excellent places to start your journey (not required, but definitely nifty!). Pick up a passport (if you don't already have a logbook) there and follow these clues to find the awesome letterboxes at the locations that inspired those mini-mosaics in real life.

Want to collect all of the Curiosity Passport letterboxes? Check out the KC Curiosity Passport Menu!


After you have asked for this event letterbox & stamped it in your Passport, make sure to record your find on atlasquest.com

Don't forget to use #KCCuriosityPassport & #CuriosityPassport in your posts! 

NOTE: Before you set out you must read and agree to the Waiver of Responsibility and Disclaimer. [from Atlas Quest]

Paper Birch Landing / New Element Gallery: clue linkAtlasQuest link

New Element Gallery (previously, Paper Birch Landing Gallery)

was the first ever Curiosity Passport host site!!!!!

Without Heather Collingsworth's support the Curiosity Passport would not have come to fruition. If you have the opportunity to meet her, please thank her for helping make my dream art/adventure project come true!

This letterbox is now categorized as an "event box." If you see the Curiosity Passport table at an event, simply as the person there for the Paper Birch letterbox & you can stamp it in your passport!

Thank you for joining in the fun of the Curiosity Passport!

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Bring the Curiosity Passport to your favorite place!

Hello, Fellow Curious Adventurer!

Congratulations! You had a blast letting the Curiosity Passport be your adventure guide to discovering hidden gems! Now, I can see that your gears are turning. You are daydreaming about hosting the Curiosity Passport in your favorite place. That is such a fabulous idea!

Starting this process is as easy as sending me a quick note from the Contact page. Please let me know what your collection idea is and if you know of a funding source for bringing the Curiosity Passport to that location. Really. It is that easy to start the conversation.


 Looking forward to our future adventures!

--Alexis Webb-Bechtold, Art Adventurer

KC Curiosity Passport Art

Assemblage Art installation with mini-mosaics. On view in the New Element Gallery through Dec 2019.

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