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Unique Eco-Goods for YOU!

Thank you for caring for the environment! For every unique good that pops into my mind, I want to find ways to reuse, recycle or use eco-friendly materials to make it come to reality. It is how I make art. From wearables to home decor I strive to bring you unique eco-friendly goods!

Make sure to check out my online stores (links below), DIY videos & blogs. ​

Would you like a custom item? You are in luck! I would be happy to chat with you about a custom item! If I can't create it, I will point you toward someone else who might be able to help you achieve your dream.

Shop the shops

My handmade, eco-friendly goods & a few unique finds.

X37 photography & designs on a variety of goods (from tapestries to phone covers), printed beautifully on-demand. I chose this service so that there aren't excess materials produced. Too many times small design industry waste is from overstock, I don't want to add to the issue.

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