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Thank you letter from the Curiosity Passport Creator

Dear Curious Adventurers, 

Thank you for all of your support & sharing your fun times! Your participation & feedback has been priceless! 

The Curiosity Passport is a passion project of mine. It allows me to combine so many of my skills and interests all in one project! But let me​ be very clear - I have NOT done this on my own. There is absolutely no way in the world that I would have tried to tackle this, grow this or morph it into what it is today without the help of many people. Some have been vocal cheerleaders and marketers, some have quietly watched from the sidelines waiting to be enthusiastic participants, some have commissioned pieces from the collection, some have donated space, money, materials, or even driven & walked with me to landmarks just to spend time together. All of these people & more (I wish I had started this list earlier in the process) have made an impact on helping the Curiosity Passport come to life. 

Thank you for your positive impact!

--Alexis Webb-Bechtold

Thank you!

  • Trey Bechtold & our doggies, Winnie & Ivy, 

  • Sallee Webb

  • Elise Webb & Jefferson Gee

  • Lauren Weatherly Geier

  • Traci Angel

  • Sara Bailey

  • Heather Collinsworth - Paper Birch Landing / New Element Gallery

  • Bob Martin with designWerx co-working studio

  • Melanie, Scott & Violet Gipson

    • for a multitude of reasons, including fishing me & my things out of a fountain

  • Kat Ramsey

  • Brandon Smith

  • Polly Alice 

  • Megan & Andrew Goggin

  • Priscilla & Joe Arens

  • Debbie Maxwell

  • Gloria Heifner

  • Jocelyn Ball-Edson

  • Joanie Shields

  • Kyle Batson

  • Melissa Webb

  • Dale & Rachel Robinson

  • KCMO Parks & Recreation 

  • City of KCMO

  • Unified Government of Wyandotte County

  • Wyandotte County Historical Society Musuem

  • Lenexa, KS Parks & Recreation

  • City of Blue Springs, MO

  • Branch Manager & Staff of MCPL Woodneath Library

  • Susan Sellmeyer

  • Joe, Kathryn, AJ & Maggie Gauer

  • Bryant, Anessa, William & George DeLong

  • Edward Schmalz - Pawn & Pint

  • Larissa Uredi

  • Cassie Moore

  • Macy Layne - Buttonwood Art Space

  • Benjamin James

  • Bonnie Messbarger

  • Kristina Light - KC Parent & KC Going Places magazines

  • Northland Lifestyle Magazine

  • Lynda Allison

  • Alexa Sundeen Troyer

  • Julie & David Sundeen

  • Pearl Bloom

  • Shannon Kerr

  • Erin Pagel & JD Martindale

  • Friends from Jefferson City area (they prefer not to be online much)

  • Jan Jensen

  • Kristy & Brad Parker & family

  • Kristine Fotland

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