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Areas of Interest for Expansion

Message Alexis here to set up a time to meet up or chat & brainstorm how we can partner up to bring the

Curiosity Passport to your community!

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The original iteration of the Curiosity Passport featured 26 different landmarks. Alexis coordinated with galleries, libraries, city parks, county parks, private businesses, city governments, foundations, museums and more to gain permission to create this unique self-guided tour of historic and public art hidden gems. By teaming up with more people, places and organizations she will be able to expand the catalog of landmarks.

This is a short list of areas of interest of places that lend themselves naturally to hosting a collection of hidden gem landmarks. This list is NOT exhaustive. If you have a collection idea you would like to pitch, please fill out the contact form. Alexis would love to hear from you!*

  • Along a route - the collection could tie together a road trip (i.e. Rt. 66), or a public transit route (i.e. KC Streetcar loop). 

  • City, State or National Parks - this could feature a collection of historic or environmental landmarks throughout one park or one Passport location within each state park of a state.  

  • City Art Walk - many downtown areas & cities already host a rotating collection of public art sculptures to enhance the beauty and lives of their citizens. This type of Curiosity Passport collection could be a companion to those sculptures or it could bring light to other historic or environmental features of the area the art walk is hosted.  
  • Rural Regional - this collection could focus on the hidden gems of a county or region that has a unified tourism council 

*Please note: The Curiosity Passport is currently a grassroots, self-funded program. Proper funding is needed to make expansion financially viable. If you can help by funding or know of funding for it in your area, please indicate that in your message. 

At this time, Alexis is not interested in using the Curiosity Passport only to promote businesses, as is popular in many other passport style coupon programs. 

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