Full Collection of Clues for Kansas City

Letterbox Clues for the KC 2018-19 Curiosity Passport

Please note: Going forward, the letterboxes on this list will only be replaced at the artist's discretion.

The Bronze Edition of the Curiosity Passport will make the maintenance of this popular game more financially & environmentally sustainable, thus also making it more expandable to other locations.    

The KC 2018-19 Collection is the FIRST EVER version of the Curiosity Passport!

It is time to explore! Bring your friends!

View the Eco-Art Curiosity Boxes at Pawn & Pint and Buttonwood Art Space.

NOTE: Before you set out you must read and agree to the Waiver of Responsibility and Disclaimer. [from Atlas Quest]

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  1. DECOMMISSIONED: Art Alley: clue link, AtlasQuest link, YouTube link

  2. DECOMMISSIONED: Champion Tree: clue link, AtlasQuest link, YouTube link

  3. Children: clue link, AtlasQuest link

  4. Curiosity Passport: clue link, AtlasQuest link

  5. Dam That's Art!: clue link, AtlasQuest link, Vimeo link

  6. First Fountain: clue link, AtlasQuest link

  7. Goddess of Broken Birds: clue link, AtlasQuest link, YouTube link

  8. Grass Green: clue link, AtlasQuest link

  9. Heroes: clue link, AtlasQuest link, YouTube link, related box

  10. I Like Big Books: clue link, AtlasQuest link

  11. DECOMMISSIONED: Neptune: clue link, AtlasQuest link, YouTube link

  12. Northland: clue link, AtlasQuest link, YouTube link

  13. Paper Birch Landing / New Element: clue linkAtlasQuest link

  14. Peace: clue link, AtlasQuest link

  15. Pratt Women: clue link, AtlasQuest link

  16. Rosedale Arch: clue link, AtlasQuest link

  17. Solar System: clue link, AtlasQuest link, YouTube link

  18. Steamboat: clue link, AtlasQuest link

  19. Story Center: clue link, AtlasQuest link

  20. Swope: clue link, AtlasQuest link

  21. Train Above: clue link, AtlasQuest link, YouTube link

  22. Upcycled Blooms: clue link, AtlasQuest link

  23. Upcycled Rain: clue link, AtlasQuest link, YouTube link

  24. Volker: clue link, AtlasQuest link

  25. Buttonwood: clue link, AtlasQuest link

  26. Needle & Thread: clue link, AtlasQuest link

Thank you for joining in the fun of the Curiosity Passport!

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