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Rosedale Arch

Rosedale Memorial Arch, Park Dr, Kansas City, KS

Rosedale Memorial may boast the best & least well known views of downtown!

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TIPS: This is a city park & memorial. Please be respectful & discrete.

Please leave it better than you find it (i.e. pick up trash).

Maybe even bring a trash bag with you. There is usually a lot of trash hanging about). Be part of the solution!

There are muggles who visit the park. Please be stealthy when finding & rehiding.

Please visit this park with a buddy.

Please rehide VERY well.

Photo Clue 1: More than just a replica, it is a memorial.

Photo Clue 2: The guardians of this place are fierce!

Photo Clue 3: Patriotism

Photo Clue 4: Wow! What a view!

Photo Clue 5: The view this direction is pretty too!

Photo Clue 6: Just hop down here to get a better view...of the box.

Photo Clue 7: Go to the bar.

Photo Clue 8: Nobody puts Baby in the corner. However someone put the box in the corner.

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