KC Curiosity Passport - Buttonwood photo clue

Use this stamp on the same page in your Passport or logbook as the Needle & Thread stamp to create the full image. 

Buttonwood: AtlasQuest link

Needle & Thread: AtlasQuest link

PLEASE NOTE: This is a place of business AND an art gallery. Double check their hours on their website: https://buttonwoodartspace.com/

Please be kind & polite to the employees, as well as the space (duh!).

If you have any issues finding the art piece, just ask for Macy. She will be able to assist you. 


Yes, everyone there knows that this exists & that it is an interactive piece of art. This letterbox / art piece is in their permanent collection. 

Enjoy the art & adventure!

These letterboxes are planted with permission.

Thank you for joining in the fun of the Curiosity Passport!

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Bring the Curiosity Passport to your favorite place!

Hello, Fellow Curious Adventurer!

Congratulations! You had a blast letting the Curiosity Passport be your adventure guide to discovering hidden gems! Now, I can see that your gears are turning. You are daydreaming about hosting the Curiosity Passport in your favorite place. That is such a fabulous idea!

Starting this process is as easy as sending me a quick note from the Contact page. Please let me know what your collection idea is and if you know of a funding source for bringing the Curiosity Passport to that location. Really. It is that easy to start the conversation.


 Looking forward to our future adventures!

--Alexis Webb-Bechtold, Art Adventurer

Clue #2