The Curiosity Passport promises to inspire play and exploration of the area. Which, in turn, it will lead you to a deeper emotional connection with the featured landmarks, the area, and the community at large!

It is more than just an art installation to be viewed in one location, more than just a scavenger hunt. It fuses art with adventure! Let your curiosity be your guide as you view the art work and enjoy a self-guided scavenger hunt for letterboxes hidden around the area.


The Curiosity Passport offers you two components:

  1. The display of Eco-Art Curiosity Boxes representing each landmark in the project. Each box is a piece of assemblage art that includes a mini-mosaic that represents the landmark. These mosaics are made from upcycled, handcut, used plastic gift cards.

  2. Pick up a Passport and go explore! Follow the online clues that will lead you to a letterbox or bronze medallion, at each of the featured locations.

    • Found a letterbox? Bring some ink with you so that you may use the handcarved stamp in the letterbox in your Curiosity Passport!

    • Found a bronze medallion? Make a rubbing of the medallion in your Curiosity Passport to commemorate your adventure! 

Scroll through the photos below to learn more about the work that goes into creating the Curiosity Passport. 

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Bring the Curiosity Passport to your favorite place!

Hello, Fellow Curious Adventurer!

Congratulations! You had a blast letting the Curiosity Passport be your adventure guide to discovering hidden gems! Now, I can see that your gears are turning. You are daydreaming about hosting the Curiosity Passport in your favorite place. That is such a fabulous idea!

Starting this process is as easy as sending me a quick note from the Contact page. Please let me know what your collection idea is and if you know of a funding source for bringing the Curiosity Passport to that location. Really. It is that easy to start the conversation.


 Looking forward to our future adventures!

--Alexis Webb-Bechtold, Art Adventurer