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Curiosity Passport

The Curiosity Passport promises to inspire play and exploration of the area. Which, in turn, it will lead you to a deeper emotional connection with the featured landmarks, the area, and the community at large!

It is more than just an art installation to be viewed in one location, more than just a scavenger hunt. It fuses art with adventure! Let your curiosity be your guide as you view the artwork and enjoy a self-guided scavenger hunt for letterboxes hidden around the area.


The Curiosity Passport offers you two components:

  1. The display of Eco-Art Curiosity Boxes representing each landmark in the project. Each box is a piece of assemblage art that includes a mini-mosaic that represents the landmark. These mosaics are made from upcycled, handcut, used plastic gift cards.

  2. Pick up a Passport and go explore! Follow the online clues that will lead you to a letterbox or a selfie spot, at each of the featured locations.​

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