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Bronze Edition Announcement

Letter from the Curiosity Passport Creator

Dear Curious Adventurers,

Thank you for all of your support & sharing your fun times! Your participation & feedback has been priceless!

Originally I committed to creating and maintaining the project through the end of 2019. That time has come and gone, now it is time to look to the future of the Curiosity Passport!

After two full years of working on this crazy fun project I call the Curiosity Passport, I am excited to announce that here in 2020 it will be morphing into the "Bronze Edition." This newest iteration will alleviate some of pain-points I have found throughout the creation and maintenance of hosting the 26 letterboxes of the project. By making these changes, I see a very bright, sustainable, and replicable future for the Curiosity Passport.

Here is just a teaser of a few of the new features in the Bronze Edition:

Problem: It is time consuming for me to check on each letterbox monthly-ish.

Solution: Replace the letterboxes with a permanent installation (with permission from the property owners, of course!) of a small bronze medallion hidden-in-plain-sight near the featured landmark. These will be used in place of the letterbox stamps. Participants may do a rubbing of the medallion to record their find.

Problem: Letterboxes walk away, or in one case, it floated away down the Missouri River. Which means that I unintentionally created litter & waste in our beloved waterways. Solution: The bronze medallions are less likely to walk or be carried away, because they will be permanently affixed to an unobtrusive permanent object near the featured landmark. ​

Problem: ​The zine-style passports are great, but they are at the end of my own skill set. Solution: Team up with other artists and a local print shop​ to create more replicable, adaptable and professional looking passports.

Problem: FINANCES - The first version of Curiosity Passport, just has not been able to pay for itself, let alone make enough to pay me for my time. Solution: Many participants have suggested raising the price of the passports. This will happen, but the passports will also get a facelift. The Bronze Edition passports will ​not only look good, but they will also be organized a bit better for ease of use by all participants.

I am also happy to announce that Kat Ramsey & I are teaming up to tackle several of these problem/solutions. She is a wonderful fine art artist in a multitude of mediums! If you haven't seen her work, ...well what are you waiting for!? Click her link above now!

There have been so many awesome things that I have learned over the past two years, that I am spurred on to tackle the Bronze Edition! Follow the social media streams for all of the Curiosity Passport updates!

Let's take this to the next level!

--Alexis Webb-Bechtold

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