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Solar System

1305 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64105, USA

Hidden in plain sight is a walkable, scale model of the entire solar system! The historic Moonliner II is another celestial landmark along this path.

Curiosity Passport Letterbox status: 



*TIPS: This is on the sidewalks of busy downtown streets, cross streets with caution.

Please be respectful & discrete.

Please leave it better than you find it (i.e. pick up trash).

There are MANY muggles who drive/run by, or visit the park. Please be stealthy when finding & rehiding.

Please rehide well.*

Photo Clue 1: That car is sneaky! It is hiding the Pluto informational plaque!

Photo Clue 2: Hey! Is that the rocket that used to be in Tomorrowland?! Are we in Disney Land or downtown KCMO?!

Photo Clue 3: This must be the KEY to finding the letterbox!

Photo Clue 4: Aha! Found it! No need to pull those keys from the concrete. Just pull that box out of the hiding hole at the base of this light pole.