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Swope Memorial Dr, Kansas City, MO 64132, USA

Thomas Swope picked an excellent eternal resting place! You can almost hear the guardian lions roar (sometimes literally - the KC Zoo is just down the hill)!

Curiosity Passport Letterbox status: 



REMINDER: Do NOT tear up the area. The memorial is over 100 years old. The trail walls were most likely built in the 1930s. This box will be removed or moved if damage is done to these historic structures.
Please leave no trace (except the letterbox).

*TIPS: This is a city park & memorial. Please be respectful & discrete.

Please leave it better than you find it (i.e. pick up trash).

There are MANY muggles who visit the park & memorial. Please be stealthy when finding & rehiding.

Please rehide well.*

Photo Clue 1: As the colonnade states, "Carved on the stone of the memorial are the words (in Latin): Reader If You Would See His Monument Look About You"

Photo Clue 2: Lion says, "Check out that fountain!"

Photo Clue 3: Wow! What a view!

Photo Clue 4: That trail is calling!

Photo Clue 5: A beautiful walk.

Photo Clue 6: That historic wall might be a good place to sit a spell.

Photo Clue 7: Don't crack up when you find the box.

Photo Clue 8: No need to tear the place up. Please, take care of the area & this wall.

Photo Clue 9: See? Just a gentle move of 1 broken rock. Please make sure to rehide well & be nice to the environment.

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