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Train Above

1211 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64106, USA

Is that a rooftop park on top of a parking garage...with a train car for a stage?! YEP! Oh & there is also a dog park there!

Curiosity Passport Letterbox status: 



*TIPS: This is a public park. Please be respectful & discrete.

Please leave it better than you find it (i.e. pick up trash).

There are MANY muggles who visit the park or have windows overlooking the park. Please be VERY stealthy when finding & rehiding. 

Please rehide well.*

Photo Clue 1: When you have to catch a "Train Above," you should probably go up.

Photo Clue 2: That's a great idea! Let's go outside!

Photo Clue 3: Wait! What!? There really IS a train up here?!

Photo Clue 4: Follow the gravel path. Follow the gravel path. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the gravel path!

Photo Clue 5: Wheeeeeeeeeeel! Check out how big the wheels are below this one!

[Muggle repellant tip: It would actually be great to just stand at this wheel & be stealthy as you reach up under the lip of the car to find the treasure you seek. Muggle eyes are all around here!]

Photo Clue 6: Yep! Those are some BIG wheels! While you are down here, you should definitely look up to find some treasure.