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Dam That's Art!

9053 Monticello Rd, Lenexa, KS 66220, USA

Is it a functional dam & spillway, or gigantic art? Maybe it is both? Photos can't really tell the entire story for the Lenexa Lake Dam & Spillway. You must experience it for yourself!

Curiosity Passport Letterbox status: 



*TIPS: This is a county public park.

Please leave it better than you find it (i.e. pick up trash).

There are MANY muggles who visit the area. Please be stealthy when finding & rehiding. Please rehide well.*

Photo 1: The mission! The Vision! Wow! This is what a community can do when it comes together with shared goals! Huzzah!

Photo 2: No need to hurry along the path. Stop & enjoy the view.

Photo 3: In the late springtime there is a gulp of swallows (yes, that really is the name for a group of swallows!) that builds mud nests under the bridge. This is a great vantage point to watch them swoop around.

Photo 4: Dam that is art!

Photo 5: Spillway that is art!

Photo 8: Stop to learn a bit.

Photo 9: Don't throw shade. Your box is near.

Photo 10: You are made in the shade! While standing here, look to your left. Your *magnetism* will pull you to the letterbox.

Photo 11: Is that an arrow on the ground (in the photo)?

Photo 12: That is a sneaky little box!

Photo 13: Your treasure is in the metal, not the wood.