KC Curiosity Passport -

Buttonwood + Needle and Thread

The Buttonwood + Needle and Thread boxes are #25 & 26 of 26 boxes in this series.

Thanks for joining the fun of The Curiosity Passport! We hope it inspires play and exploration of the KC area. If you haven't already viewed the wacky, wall-full of mini-mosaics, upcycled from used plastic gift cards, at Pawn & Pint & Buttonwood Art Space, these are excellent places to start your journey (not required, but definitely nifty!). Pick up a passport (if you don't already have a logbook) there and follow these clues to find the awesome letterboxes at the locations that inspired those mini-mosaics in real life.

Want to collect all of the Curiosity Passport letterboxes? Check out the KC Curiosity Passport Menu!

Use the photo clues below to look for these landmarks. Then follow the description on each photo to find the letterbox location. After you have found the letterbox, make sure to record your find on atlasquest.com

Don't forget to use #CuriosityPassport in your posts (just don't post any photos of the stamp or image)! 

NOTE: Before you set out you must read and agree to the Waiver of Responsibility and Disclaimer. [from Atlas Quest]

Use both of these stamps on the same page in your Passport / logbook to create the full image. 

Buttonwood: AtlasQuest link

Needle & Thread: AtlasQuest link

These letterboxes are planted with permission.

Thank you for joining in the fun of the Curiosity Passport!