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Bring the Curiosity Passport to your favorite place!

Hello, Fellow Curious Adventurer!

Congratulations! You had a blast letting the Curiosity Passport be your adventure guide to discovering hidden gems! Now, I can see that your gears are turning. You are daydreaming about hosting the Curiosity Passport in your favorite place. That is such a fabulous idea!

Starting this process is as easy as sending me a quick note from the Contact page. Please let me know what your collection idea is and if you know of a funding source for bringing the Curiosity Passport to that location. Really. It is that easy to start the conversation.


 Looking forward to our future adventures!

--Alexis Webb-Bechtold, Art Adventurer


THERE ARE MANY EYES UPON YOU! BE VERY STEALTHY! If you are stealthy, this box may have a long life in this location. If not, you might contribute to the demise. Remember, this stamp is just half of your full image. Go find the eco-art box in the Buttonwood Art Space. That letterbox is titled "Buttonwood."