KC Curiosity Passport -

Buttonwood photo clue

Use this stamp on the same page in your Passport or logbook as the Needle & Thread stamp to create the full image. 

Buttonwood: AtlasQuest link

Needle & Thread: AtlasQuest link

PLEASE NOTE: This is a place of business AND an art gallery. Double check their hours on their website: https://buttonwoodartspace.com/

Please be kind & polite to the employees, as well as the space (duh!).

If you have any issues finding the art piece, just ask for Macy. She will be able to assist you. 


Yes, everyone there knows that this exists & that it is an interactive piece of art. This letterbox / art piece is in their permanent collection. 

Enjoy the art & adventure!

These letterboxes are planted with permission.

Below, check out some of the work that goes into creating the Curiosity Passport. 

Thank you for joining in the fun of the Curiosity Passport!

Interested in bringing The Curiosity Passport to your community? Just email artist Alexis Webb Bechtold, of X37Adventures, at X37Adventures@gmail.com for more information. 


The Curiosity Passport is more than just an art installation to be viewed in one location, more than just a scavenger hunt. It is interactive, exciting, exploratory, inspiring, open to all ages, and simply filled with fun! It fuses art with adventure. It encourages participants to join in a scavenger hunt for letterboxes hidden around the metro.

Audiences may start at the wall of eco-art mini-mosaics to find the catalyst of the project. Each mini-mosaic is created by the hands of eco-artist, Alexis Webb Bechtold, from upcycled used plastic gift cards (see the making of one of these unique creations in the video above), and references an awesome location in the area.

While enjoying the mini-mosaics, they may also view two short videos, produced by videographer, Brandon Smith, displayed on tablets that are integrated into the esthetics of the wall display. One video will showcase the behind-the-scenes of creating the entire Curiosity Passport: making the mini-mosaics, letterboxes, and planting (aka hiding) the letterboxes out in the world. The other video will serve as an introduction tutorial to letterboxing.


Letterboxing is like geocaching, but with an art twist. Each letterbox has a clue (usually found online), that leads to a small box in real life. Inside the box is a hand carved rubber stamp, and a logbook. The finders of the letterbox are encouraged to record their find in the box’s logbook by stamping their own signature stamp (usually also hand carved) or a thumbprint, then use the box’s stamp in their personal logbook of finds. The Curiosity Passport letterboxes’ stamps will look similar to the image on the mini-mosaic that led to this box. The clues for the boxes will be in the form of photo clues or video clues. This will lower the barrier to entry for participants. The clues will be accessible through the robust letterboxing community website, www.atlasquest.com


If participants do not already have a letterboxing logbook, they may purchase one designed exclusively for the Curiosity Passport, preferably at the location of the mini-mosaic wall. The logbooks would be available for $5, printed by www.Scoutbooks.com or a local eco-friendly printer.

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